Choosing the Right Product Reseller Opportunity

Christine Harumi W.


Like everything in business, when it comes to choosing the right product reseller opportunity, timing is everything! It’s a proven fact that the most successful distributors know how to choose the right reseller opportunity or right product at just the right time.

So, it should come as no surprise that one of the keys to your success, and great financial gains, as a product reseller rests on your ability to identify new product reseller opportunities ahead of the curve.

During your quest for the right product reseller opportunity, you will discover that companies will try and do everything they can to sell themselves to you as the best thing since sliced bread. However, as a smart product reseller, it is your responsibility (and in your best interest) to research their product and the reseller opportunity to see if it really is unique and that there aren’t already multiple resellers in the marketplace. One of the worst mistakes a new reseller can make when starting their business is to take on an opportunity in an already saturated market.

Choosing the right product reseller opportunity should involve an accurate assessment of your potential customer’s wants, needs, and expectations. It’s the manufacture’s responsibility to create excitement for their product and it’s the product reseller’s job to convey that excitement and enthusiasm to their customers. So, make sure it’s a product your excited and enthusiastic about reselling!

Here are a few key questions to ask yourself when choosing the right product reseller opportunity:

1.) Does the product provide an opportunity to fulfill a want or need of your potential customers?

2.) Does the product offer perceived value for your customer?

3.) Does the product provide quality for your customer?

4.) Does the product provide an opportunity to solve a problem that is not currently being solved by other products in the marketplace?

5.) Does this reseller opportunity provide superior performance compared to other existing opportunities in the marketplace?

6.) Is there a convenience factor to the product you are considering becoming a reseller for?

7.) How are the profit margins for the product reseller opportunity you are considering? Does it offer sustainable income?

8.) Is the reseller opportunity consumable? Try to avoid a “one-and-done” reseller opportunity.

9.) Does the manufacturer provide their product resellers with marketing and support materials to make their opportunity easy to sell?

If you find a product reseller opportunity that you feel passionate about and allows you to answer “yes” to the above questions, then it’s time to dive deeper into the company’s business model, support systems, and strike while the reseller opportunity iron is hot!

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