How to Find the Right Product Distributorship

Mufaddal K.


There are two pages from which you can search product distributorships on PanXpan.  The first way is by going to the Distributorship Opportunities page on our main site.  The second way is logging in to our software and navigating to the "Search Opportunities" link on the left navigation menu.  You will only be able to Search Opportunities from inside our application if you have signed up as a local partner (not manufacturer).

Searching Distributorships

Once you have navigated to the Search Distributorships page, our site will detect what country you are from and automatically show you product distributorships available in your country.  If the wrong country is selected, you can choose the right country by changing the country in the drop down at the top of the page.  When manufacturers post distributorship opportunities, they target various countries.  So you will only be able to apply to distributorships available in your country.  If you navigate to the Search Distributorships page after logging in to our software, you will automatically only see opportunities available to you (based on the country you selected during the signup process).

You can view distributorships by Product or by Manufacturer.  If you are on the Product tab, you will see a list of various products.  If you are on the Manufacturer tab, you will see various opportunities posted by manufacturers.  If you click on any given manufacturer opportunity, you will go to the main distributorship opportunity page which will show all the products available for distributorship from that manufacturer.  The data on the product tab and manufacturer tab is the same, its just showing a different view depending on which tab you choose.

On either tab, you can filter the distributorships by country of origin or product category.  Using these filters you can more easily search and identify relevant distributorships.  If you view the Search Opportunities page from inside our software, there are also additional filter options available such as search by term of agreement (number of years) and local functions requested (what functions the local partner will be required to do such as sales or marketing, etc.).  Another benefit of using the Search Opportunities page from inside the application is that the distributorships shown will be pre-filtered based on your mentioned interest categories.  You can always change your preferred interest categories by going to "Account" and then "Account Details" link in the left navigation menu.

Distributorship Opportunity Page

General Manufacturer Information

If you click on a product on the Products tab or an opportunity on the Manufacturers tab, you will be taken to the Distributorship Opportunity page for that opportunity.  On the Distributorship Opportunity page you will be able to see more details about that opportunity.  At the top of the page you will see information regarding that manufacturer.  This includes their company name, logo, country of origin, the year they joined PanXpan and a short company description.  In addition to this, you can also see information in regards to their performance on the PanXpan platform.  For new manufacturers, with no PanXpan history, you will not see much information here or any star ratings.  However, if the manufacturer has hired local partners on PanXpan, then you will see ratings information such as overall rating from local partners they work with, the number of ventures they have had on PanXpan, how many countries they are working with local partners in, their product quality as rated by local partners they work with and feedback from the local partners they work with.  Its always better to work with manufacturers with positive feedback from other local partners and this helps you figure that out.

Distributorship Overview

The next section on the Distributorship Opportunity page is general information about this opportunity.  That includes the opportunity title, a description of this opportunity, the contract term length and the contract start date.  The description should give you an idea of why this is an appealing distributorship opportunity.  The contract length is the term of the venture should you decide to apply and have your application accepted.  When applying you will be asked for a sales and investment forecast for the term of the venture.  This is your estimate on how much you plan to purchase each month and how much investment you think will be required each month.  The contract start date is the date when the manufacturer is interested in starting a new venture.  Any date in the past means they are interested in starting as soon as possible.

Products Available

The next section on the Distributorship Opportunity page is related to products that are available in this opportunity.  Clicking on a product will take you to the pricing groups popup which shows all the products available in this opportunity that you can order.  The products are grouped by pricing group.  Each pricing group reflects products that you can buy interchangeably to hit quantity discounts.  That means, if a product has a different price when you order 100+ units, you can order any of the products within that product's pricing group and have the units ordered will apply to the quantity quotas.  Pricing groups reflect similar products that can be ordered interchangeably to still hit the same quantity quotas.

Questions from Manufacturer

The questions from manufacturer section includes questions the manufacturer would like you to answer when submitting an application.  Not all opportunities will have questions.  If questions are shown on the Distributorship Opportunity page, you will be asked to answer these questions when you send an application.

Investment Available

The next section defines the amount of investment available from the manufacturer.  This is the manufacturer's overall investment budget across all applications and ventures for this distributorship opportunity (for all countries).  If you apply to this distributorship opportunity, you will be asked to enter your investment forecast for the term of the opportunity.  You can ask the manufacturer to pay for part or all of your planned investment in your application as well.  If you ask the manufacturer to pay for the investment, it will come from this estimated budget.  The way that investment works on our platform is you will be asked to submit all receipts for any investment you make if you would like the manufacturer to pay for some or all of the investment.  The manufacturer will review these receipts and then based on your preferred investment split (that will be set when you apply and when manufacturer confirms your application), the manufacturer will reimburse you for their share of the investment at the end of each month.

Local Partner vs. Manufacturer Responsibility

The last section details out what your responsibilities will be vs. the manufacturer responsibilities for this opportunity.  This is set by the manufacturer and can be negotiated after you send your application.

Applying to a Distributorship

Once you have found a distributorship you are interested in, press the Apply button to send your application for the distributorship.  You will start by entering your email.  If you have already signed up as a local partner you will be asked to fill out an application (after logging in).  If you still haven't signed up as a local partner, you will need to start by signing up as a local partner.  This includes entering your background information, selecting a country to represent manufacturers in and entering your local address details.  After signing up you will be able to then apply for the distributorship.  

To learn more about the application form and process, you can read the next article in this series here.