Creating a new website can seem like a huge endevour but really its only the beginning.  The next step is getting users to view and actually use the site you have spent time and money building.  This process requires creativity from you as the website owner.  Luckily there are numerous ways to increase traffic to your website.  Some of these methods may incur additional costs while others will just take some of your time.  This article exposes legitimate ways - free and some costly - to boost the number of visitors to your website.  Here is a list of four ways you can start generating more traffic to your website:

1. Offer free, good quality and original content on your site:

This is one of the most effective ways to increase traffic to a website.  Try offering something that people can find exclusively on your site or at least that is of higher quality than on other competing sites.  Here are a few ways to ensure that your website’s content is of higher quality and unique compared to your competitors:

a.  Create content that is useful and helpful.  Copying information from other websites will not increase traffic.  Offer visitors information that is relevant to your site and that can help your visitors achieve a specific goal, be entertaining, solve problems, or teach them something new.

b.  Keep your content fresh.  For repeat visits it is important to provide updates to website content especially in frequently visited sections.  Make sure to add fresh content on an ongoing basis, at least by-weekly.

c.  Add creative content like videos, contests, puzzles or quizzes.  These can really be a big draw for some users and will keep them coming back.

2. Enhance your original content:

Try coupling your original content with other people's content that is offered free of charge or through distribution agreements.  Make sure the content is truly royalty free or has a Creative Commons license that will support sharing of the content.  Find relevant free content or products that will give you consent to use their premium branded content on your site.

3. Search engine optimize your site:

This can be done by targeting your content and keywords to a specific topic that is relevant to your site.  Referred to as search engine optimization, it enables more people to find your website by searching on search engines like Google.  Make keywords flow naturally within your content.  Be careful not to overuse specific keywords as this will result in lower search rankings for your website.

4. Get links to your website:

This is a critical part of website marketing and SEO (search engine optimization).  Links from well reputed sites can help your search engine rankings.  Develop partnerships with related websites that are closely aligned by subject.  Consider trading links with websites that will provide some value to your users.  Also try banner ads, classified ads and directory listings.