How W&O Standardized Sales Procedures with CRM

Richard F.


W&O Supply is America’s largest provider of marine pipes, and supplies these to customers that include cruise lines, the navy, commercial shipping companies and offshore rigs in the U.S., Europe and Canada. This diversification represented a long-standing challenge in terms of streamlining sales. Things came close to the bursting point when the owners, PON Holdings, increased the mobile sales force to 180+, and decided it was time they adopted a common approach to customer management.

Rationale Behind Standardization

“As we grow our business model throughout the world,” Vice President and National Sales Manager Jack Gundry explained, “it is extremely important that all of our efforts to maintain existing customers and develop new customers are coordinated in a standardized way.

“We needed all departments, including sales, distribution, accounting, technology and management, following best practice procedures as they relate to customer relationships, particularly in the areas of data organization, project tracking, and reporting of key information.”

Market Research and System Selection

Following extensive investigation as might be expected of a large engineering firm, W&O Supply opted for an offering by Maximizer Enterprise Solution. It hoped this would provide a consolidated view of what its feet-on-the-ground were experiencing, in terms of opportunities and accounts with a view to forecasting.

“We wanted a system that was intuitive and as easy to use as possible. This one appealed to us because all the information centers around the company, and … the list-based format has the ability to be easily customized.” Gundry explained.

Two Step Implementation Method

The first phase involved configuring the Maximizer model to map across to the sales procedures W&O had resolved to put in place. The company allocated the task to a Maximizer-certified software partner. Within a matter of weeks the remote sales force was on board, and sharing a common language with corporate staff. The key procedural changes were in call monitoring & response, project tracking and goal-focused selling.

An immediate benefit was replacing disorganized mail-based data with a central location, where the Maximizer system intuitively connected the bits to build the bigger picture. Key fields included customer names, phone numbers and addresses with which calendars and to-do events were easily cross-referenced. The overall goal was a better-indexed system that was easier to work with.

Fruits of Success

W&O Supply increased the quantity and quality of call monitoring thanks to comprehensive customer profiles, and were able to better track and close long-term selling opportunities. The company highlighted the following benefits at project closeout:

1.  Greater employee retention

2.  Enhanced sales methodologies

3.  More effective call volume tracking

4.  Better client data and intellectual property security

5.  Greater sense of how its sales force was doing in the front line

“The biggest benefit … is that each time we interact with a customer we can access a complete customer view.” Gundry remarked. “With this knowledge we can provide much better customer service and manage the customer relationship more effectively.”  It was clearly a successful project where everybody benefited.


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