Successful Local Partners Get US$100 - Ends May 31

Mufaddal K.


PanXpan is offering local partners platform credit for successfully completing sample requests.  We're offering US$60 in platform credit for local partners that successfully complete 3 sample requests and US$100 in platform credit for local partners that successfully complete 5 sample requests.

Samples can either be ordered directly by the local partner or can be from an invite that the manufacturer sends the local partner.  So local partner initiated sample requests or manufacturer initiated sample invites both qualify.

Terms & Conditions:

    - Successfully completing a sample request means getting samples from a manufacturer, approaching local businesses to find buyers and either ordering products or marking the sample request as No Market (which means you cant find local buyers).  If the sample request is marked as No Market, the manufacturer must rate you 3 out of 5 or higher.  Manufacturers rate local partners after every sample exchange transaction and their rating of you must be 3 out of 5 or higher for it to be considered a successful and complete sample request.  Manufacturer's ratings are based on your effort, communication and success in finding them local buyers.

    - The US$60 or US$100 platform credit will be available in equivalent local currency.  It can be used to cover purchases of any products ordered via the PanXpan online platform.  It must be used towards the purchase of any products available on PanXpan.

    - This promotion started December 1st 2020 and ends May 31st 2021.  All sample requests must be started after December 1st 2020 and must be successfully completed before May 31st 2021 to qualify for this promotional offer.

    - Local partners are only able to get the maximum platform credit of US$100 one time.  Any further successfully completed sample requests will not be paid any additional amounts.

    - Once a local partner successfully completes 3 or 5 sample requests, they must contact PanXpan at [email protected] to redeem this promotional offer.