Business involves two parties: customers and service/product providers. Without either there is no business at all. It is true that all businesses require customers to keep them running and without them there would be no reason to remain in business.  Attracting customers is critical to any business and will always remain a constant challenge for your business. This is why having a good marketing strategy and plan is so critical.

While most companies underestimate the importance of marketing, the level of marketing competency continues to grow rapidly.  Many web based marketing companies have made it even easier for businesses to contact new potential customers and pass on necessary information about their services.

What Marketing Achieves

Marketing is crucially important because it allows customers to see what you offer therefore getting your foot in the door with buyers. With today's global marketplace, very few customers may ever walk straight into your office and inquire about your services and products if they don’t know what it is you are selling. The only way to communicate your services and products to customers is through marketing.  Even though all companies understand the need for marketing, some still don’t know what it really is. Marketing is different from advertising and sales as it can be more encompassing and has many different facets.  Marketing is all about creating leads, either in the short term or long term, for your business that can be eventually turned into sales.

A Staple in Marketing:  Advertising

Marketing largely depends on advertising which can cost a lot but can significantly generate sales if done effectively and relevantly. Advertisements simply speak about your business's services and products to people, which leave them with an option of whether or not they should transact business with your firm. Today, there are numerous ways to advertise your products including many newer online methods such as Twitter and Facebook.  It is important to always monitor and measure the effectiveness of your advertising to understand which channels are the most efficient.

Your Firm’s Image:  Branding

Advertising your product also indirectly creates an image or feeling within the consumer's mind about your company.  It is important to manage this image or feeling which is often referred to as branding.  Your company's image/brand should be unique and different from your competitors so as to stick out in your consumer's mind and have a unique position in the market.  Branding is a critical aspect of marketing that many companies don’t pay enough attention to it.  Investing in branding allows you to define the image of your company in your consumer's mind and hence allowing you to differentiate your product, gain their trust and expand your market base.

Your Marketing Message

While establishing your business in a competitive environment it is wise to concentrate on what you do better than your competitors. Your marketing communications should outline your value add clearly so that customers easily understand what they can get from you and not anyone else. Good marketing also requires defining the type of customers and audiences that the business is trying to reach through various marketing activities.  Your well tailored message should be specifically tailored to this group of target customers.

To succeed in marketing it is important to understand various marketing strategies, create a comprehensive marketing plan, define what your brand means in the mind of the consumer and finally craft your marketing message so that its tailored to your target audience and differentiates you from your competitors.  Such a well defined and structured marketing strategy is sure to help you gain a massive inflow of new customers.


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