You have a brilliant idea and you want to launch an online business.  Or perhaps you are already running a website for your existing business.  If you can attract new customers while holding on to the existing ones you are on your way to success.  For online businesses the tactics or strategies used to attract new customers and keep existing ones may be slightly different compared to traditional brick and mortar businesses.  We've identified three tips that will help you increase traffic to your website.

Start with Analytics
Online businesses and websites have a huge advantage as new visitors and existing customers to your website can be measured and analyzed. From this analysis you can understand what users are finding useful on your website, what things aren't being used which may requiring updating and general visitor behavior.  Tools such as Google Analytics can help you measure and analyze this traffic.  Typical metrics that are helpful in analyzing include number of visitors per day or month, pages visited most often, how long people are staying on your site and conversion rates to key conversions such as signing up, buying a product, etc.  Adding this analytics tracking prior to trying to grow traffic can be helpful in seeing how well your efforts are performing and identifying what areas to focus on.

Tip 1:  Solve a Problem with Good Content
You should offer your visitors something they need to know, solve a problem, or help them fulfill their goals.  Once you've identified the service you wish to offer your visitors, your content should be sufficient in breadth and depth, specialized to your visitor's needs, of a high quality and easily readable/digestable.  Creating such content will allow your viewers to really appreciate what you are offering and allow them to engage with your company.  Give your readers or customers a reason to come back to your site over and over again.  Create value for your customers with content and you will see increased traffic.  Specific ways to do this can be blogs, news articles, unique web tools, an easily navigatable site structure, videos and helpful links.

Tip 2:  Engage in a Conversation
Social media can be a great tool for having a conversation with your users.  This includes Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media platforms.  Try to engage with your users where they feel most comfortable and make sure to mention your website as a followup resource.  You can also create a community page or forum in your website to answer potential visitor questions.  Encourage your customers to ask you questions and give them valuable, useful and informative insight or guidance.  Building engaged and loyal visitors is a great way to generate increased web traffic.  Try to be a leader and motivator in your niche.

Tip 3:  Get Found Online
The bulk of traffic for most established websites is via search engines or organic search.  Figuring out how to optimize your website to maximize this organic search engine traffic is referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  SEO requires identifying your target customers and the keywords they might use in search engines to find your website.  Creating content targeting those keywords is one way to help maximize organic traffic via search engines.  More technical aspects of SEO include optimizing page URLs, page titles, meta descriptions, h1 tags, body text and image alt tags.  Ensure that tags are in the right places and your internal page links are not broken.  Another important aspect of getting found online is developing a referral network of other websites that link to you and send you traffic.  Submitting your site to online directories, social sites, and relevant industry web properties can help with this.

Starting with the three tips above should help you start increasing traffic to your website.  Without increased traffic you cannot sell more of your products or services. Generating increased traffic is a continual process of creative brainstorming and trial and error while analyzing your progress along the way.

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