Using Video and Images to Sell Your Products

Susmita B.


Visuals have always had the greatest impact on people, regardless of what the subject is. While the online shopping era provides the convenience of shopping at home or on the go, it lacks the opportunity for customers to inspect a product by touching it before buying it. However, a visual display of a product is a must for online retailers. The product display may be through an image or a video or both. The effectiveness of a photo or a video can be used intelligently and creatively to increase sales. Below are some tips and tricks that will help you sell your products online by correctly using images and videos.


- The quality of the image that you are using to display your product should have a high enough resolution that the product can be seen clearly.

- Let the products sell themselves. How? It’s easy. Images should demonstrate correct product usage and should educate customers about product benefits.

- Use multiple images if possible to show all possible angles and utilities of the product. Optimize the image size, shoot from best angle possible, show as many details as possible, zoom in or out as required. Organize the images in the order you want your customers to see them. These tips will help increase your products' appeal to customers.

- Understand customer psychology and avoid using pictures that can confuse customers or encourage them to take misleading decisions. For example, if you are selling pen stands or pen cases, avoid including a pen in the image as customers may think that the pen comes free with the case (unless it actually does). When they learn that this isn't the case, you will have taken away something from their experience vs. adding to it.  Avoid creating false impressions.

- Try to elicit emotions through images. If you are selling a holiday getaway package, then display an exclusive and exquisite destination picture that will appeal to potential customers who want a getaway vacation. Or if you are selling a birthday gift item, it should be displayed in a properly decorated manner in order to evoke the emotions of the customer and encourage them to buy it.

- Be consistent in style, presentation and professionalism.

- Demonstrate the lifestyle the product is made for.

A perfectly used image can really maximize a website's customer conversion rate and provide a best selling experience.


Video marketing is proving to be an extremely powerful technique to attract visitors to a particular site. Thankfully for many small online businesses, making a video is not costly at all these days. If you decide to use this videos on your website, there are a few best practices to follow.

- Showcase your products or services with a brief speech and highlight their benefits within the video.

- Make the video interesting and under 60 seconds in length so that it isn't a big time investment to watch. Make sure you grab their attention instantly.

- Use animated videos if possible, and if your budget can support this; they are very popular currently.

- Build back links to the videos.

- If you have a start up venture, then publishing videos on YouTube is a great trick to attract customers. Post the video's link on Facebook and Twitter pages in order to share it with people. It's very helpful in kick-starting your online business.

As you can see, there are tons of ways to make your videos or images appealing in order to sell your products more effectively in the online marketplace.


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